Alumni & Family Engagement at Denison

Denisonians know that the relationships forged here are at the heart of the college’s spirit and character. They are in our DNA.

The relationships students form with their classmates, professors, mentors, advisers, coaches, artistic directors, and staff who support them in student development and career exploration — in addition to members of Denison’s vast professional alumni network — comprise the essence of our “fair college on the hill.”

Likewise, the associations that continue to connect Denisonians to one another after graduation are every bit as central to the ethos of this place.

Denisonians share a special bond, and development and support of those ties are central to the mission of the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement. It offers opportunities, resources, and services to more than 36,000 living alumni, parents, and friends while inspiring pride and encouraging involvement among all members of the extended Denison family.

Denisonians of all stripes are the college’s most qualified advocates, and are, therefore, valued representatives wherever they live, work, and travel. Keeping them engaged and informed is a priority for Denison, and the college is committed to fostering affinities and channeling common interests for the mutual benefit of all.