Denison University Alumni

Attendee List: Big Red Field Hockey Alumnae & Family Weekend

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First Name Last Name Class Year
Meg Baylis 2023
Lily Baylis 2023
Fred Chandler N/a Current Parent
Demme Doufekias Parent
beth gebhart 2027
dan Gebhart 1997
Charlotte Godfrey 2021
Laurie Helms N.A. (parent Of Class Of 2027 Player)
John Helms N.A. (parent Of Class Of 2027 Player)
Liza Higley 2021
Jennifer Jaquin N/a Current Parent
Lauren Lazo Kardashian 2021
Maren Kraak 2022
Kerry Lawler 2021
Lauren kardashian Lazo 2021
Hannah Lester 2022
Matt Scully Parent
Connie Scully Parent
Abby Scully 2021
Duncan Smith N.A. (brother Of Class Of 2027 Player)
Keith Smith Lila Smith, My Daughter, Is Class Of 2027
Maya Tumiwa 2022
Anne Craig Veith 2022
Lyse Wagner 2021