Mentors provide students and alumni with career-related information, advice, and support in a variety of ways.

    1. Conduct an Informational Interview
      Provide students and alumni information about your field of work.
  1. Critique Resumes/Cover Letters
    Offer Denison students and alumni feedback on their resumes/cover letters.
  2. Serve as an Internship Sponsor
    Alumni or friends of the University offer internship opportunities at their companies or organizations exclusively for Denison students to gain practical work experience in a chosen career field.
  3. Career Hour Discussion
    Casual and informal opportunities for students to connect with alumni and talk about the career path they have chosen, the part of the country they live in, and the experiences they’ve had since graduation. Hour discussions can take place on campus or can be conducted via Skype.
  4. Discuss Post–Graduate Services
    Assist students who are looking to pursue internships, fellowships, or service opportunities after graduation.
  5. Conduct Mock Interviews
    Conduct a mock interview with a student who is preparing for an interview in your industry and/or graduate school program. Mock interviews can be held in a variety of ways, in person, by phone or via Skype.
  6. Connect Via Wisr
    Denison has partnered with Wisr, a new technology platform, to make connections between students and alumni mentors simple. The platform helps schedule short conversations with students. This gives you the opportunity to provide the mentorship and expertise Denisonians need without handling logistics.
  7. Serve as an Externship Host
    Students connect with alumni over academic breaks for a one-day job shadowing experience through Externs Everywhere. This is a great way for students to connect coursework to a career and for alumni to give back in a simple, yet meaningful way. Students are responsible for housing and transportation plans for the day, but alumni are welcome to assist in this process. A sample itinerary for a student’s visitation may include a tour, observing daily responsibilities, engaging in informational or mock interviews, experiencing a resume review, and participating in discussions regarding office culture or current trends.
  8. Recruit Denison Students and Alumni for Your Employer
    Our on-campus recruiting program provides you with an opportunity to interview students from a variety of academic majors who are seeking either full-time or internship opportunities.