Regional Clubs

Each year, more than 80 special events are hosted for the Denison family both on campus and around the globe, all providing opportunities to connect with Denisonians of all ages. Being a Denisonian has its privileges, and Alumni and Family Engagement wants you to take full advantage of the resources and programs it offers.

Denison Club events are open to all Denisonians — alumni (with or without a Denison diploma), parents of current and former students, current and former faculty members, and anyone who is simply a friend of the college. Denison Club “membership” is a state of mind.

What happens at club events?
Examples of club events include: professional athletic events, Freshman Welcome parties, sorting food at an area food bank, After work social, hosting Denison faculty for lectures, and so much more. Events are selected by the local club leadership and each club hosts a unique set of events throughout the year.
What is the mission of the clubs program?
The overall mission of the clubs program is to ensure healthy and long-term relationships with Denison’s alumni, parents and friends across all generations by:

  • Reaffirming pride and commitment in Denison
  • Bringing Denison to all alumni, parents and friends, wherever they may be
  • Uniting Denison alumni, parents and friends in fellowship
  • Fostering healthy relationships for the advancement of the University
  • Keeping individuals connected to Denison
  • Celebrating Denison’s continued excellence.
How do I start a club?
First, review the listing of active clubs. If a club exists in your area please contact the club leadership to get involved. If a club does not exist in your area, contact either the associate director of Alumni and Family Engagement or the national clubs chair to discuss next steps in starting a new club. Contact information is included below.
Ready to plan a club event?
Denison Clubs offer alumni and friends of Denison a variety of activities, services, and opportunities that help to enhance Denison’s visibility and reputation in your community. You can rekindle old friendships, make new acquaintances, continue lifelong learning, enjoy special events, and forge professional connections. Examples of club events that enhance Denison’s visibility and reputation in your community include:

  • Arranging a discussion and reception with a current Denison professor on relevant topics
  • Planing a networking program that brings together Denisonians from a specific professional sector to learn from one another and forge business connections.
  • Gather at a performance of a Denison student music group or a Denison alumni performer

As you move forward with planning your Cub event please take time to fill out the following form:

By completing this form you are ensuring that all the logistics for your event have been appropriately covered.

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