Welcome to Boston: Virtual Networking for Denison Alumni & 2020 Graduates

Welcome to Boston: Virtual Networking for Denison Alumni & 2020 Graduates

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 5:00 pm EDT to 5:45 pm EDT

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Who: For Denison alumni and members of the Denison Community currently in Boston, or who plan to be in Boston.

What: A virtual networking event to congratulate and connect the class of 2020 to the Denison Network in Boston and to provide support and professional networking for all Denisonians!

Details: Keep the laptop open and grab a drink while you join us for Denison’s first virtual networking event for Boston!  This event is special to welcome those of the new alumni class of 2020 making Boston their home. Even though we can’t do it in person, we can still congratulate them on their accomplishments and ensure they know they are joining a supportive alumni community. I know all of us could use a little support right now. 

This event will feature three 10-minute breakout sessions to create that smaller, more conversational atmosphere. The breakout sessions will be based on commonalities, industries, and areas of interests filled out in your Eventbrite registration form. Please complete your registration as fully as you can. This will enable you to get as much out of this event as possible. 

So please consider spending a little extra time zooming on Tuesday, June 23 and join us for the laughs and gaffes of first time events, but most importantly a toast to the class of 2020, and the support and meaningful relationship building of your Denison network.

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact Laura Yeager McFadden ’05, Associate Director of Alumni Career Programs at mcfaddenl@denison.edu