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Denison Connecting

Denison Connecting adds the power of almost 40,000 alumni and friends to your career network. Denisonians get together at events around the world to network and learn from fellow alumni and industry experts. Virtual events create conversations as we build on relationships from our time on the Hill.

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Mentors provide students and alumni with career-related information, advice, and support in a variety of ways.

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Offer Jobs

As a Denisonian, you know the value-added proposition that a Denison education gives our graduates. If you’re looking for someone to add to your team, there’s no better place to start than right here.

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Offer Internships

The Denison Internship Program offers our students a structured learning experience as they explore career fields and apply their broadening intellectual skills to workplace environments.

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Host An Extern

Launched in 2012, Denison’s ExternsEverywhere is a one-day “shadowing” program that helps students explore their career possibilities, gain insight into various industries and professional cultures, and establish a broader network.

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Connect Via LinkedIn

The official group of Denison University. Open to all students, current or former parents, alumni, faculty and staff of Denison University for career networking, job research, and social networking. Current or prior affiliation with Denison University is required for membership and will be verified.

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