You may remember who you were then, when you arrived on The Hill for your first day of classes.

But who are you now? How did you get here?

And where do you want to go next?

ReMix has been asking these questions since 2018, with a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship summit that brought alums and students together to reconnect, reimagine, and refuel.

Since then, ReMix has emerged as a signature program of Denison’s Office of Alumni & Family Engagement. Attendees are consistently impressed with the program’s high-value professional development, networking opportunities, engaging breakout sessions, and inspiring speakers — all Denisonians! — offering a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and experience, spanning a multitude of generations and industries.

While the original ReMix summit is still held on campus each fall, welcoming an ever-impressive roster of guests and participants, the program continues to evolve and expand. Alums and students can now also attend all or a combination of several distinct ReMix flavors: Arts ReMix, ReMix: Disruptors, Innovators, Creatives, ReMix + Women, ReMix on the Road, and ReMix in Between.

ReConnect. ReImagine. ReFuel.

How will you ReMix?

March 5 – 8, 2025
On campus

Calling all artists, performers, musicians, curators, patrons, creators, art entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Arts ReMix is a marquee event on Denison’s campus, where alums from a multitude of art-related industries, majors, and backgrounds share their experiences, peel back the curtain on their careers and offer an insider scoop on their successes and lessons learned. Come back to campus to connect, collaborate, create, and cultivate with fellow alumni and students.


Fall 2025, TBD
On campus

Calling all innovators, problem-solvers, thought leaders, visionaries, and pathfinders — and the creators, seekers, and entrepreneurially spirited explorers who are looking to learn! ReMix: Disruptors, Innovators, Creatives is a keystone event on Denison’s campus, where alums from a multitude of industries and backgrounds share their experiences, peeling back the curtain on their careers and offering an insider scoop on their successes and lessons. Attendees discover new ideas, feel inspired by their peers, workshop their own challenges, and foster relationships across generations.



Spring 2026, TBD
On campus

ReMix + Women brought together individuals in all chapters of life. Each person dedicated time to celebrating one another and their own journeys. Alum and students gained strength and wisdom while sharing insights on business start-ups.

ReMix + Women Photos.


ReMix on the Road, was an evening experience linking entrepreneurially minded alums and students. Our most recent ReMix on the Road was in New York, in March of 2024. Keep an eye out for similar experiences in a city near you! 


We hosted two ReMix in Between events to keep the momentum of ReMix going, and provide a taste of ReMix for those new to the program. Our participants connected, masterminded, shared stories, and built community with other ReMix attendees past and future, all from the comfort of their own computer.


Julie Tucker

Director of Family Engagement and the Denison Professional Network