‘To Denison’

Image of sheet music

Download the sheet music (PDF)

A Denison tradition, the alma mater is sung at the close of numerous official university functions, including the First-Year Induction Ceremony, Academic Awards Convocation, Alumni Reunion Convocation, Commencement, and various alumni gatherings around across the country and around the world. The text for “To Denison” was written by V.E. Field, Denison Class of 1903, and it is set to the traditional tune of “Bring the Wagon Home, John.”

Just as Denison evolves, so has its alma mater. The original arrangement is the most commonly heard version (view the sheet music here), yet members of the Denison family have added a few unique twists. Here is a little background on each of the recordings that you can play below:

The standard choral version, performed by the Denison A Cappella Choir, dates to the 1950s.

“Swasey Chapel Bells” will remind any Denisonian of a quiet walk across campus.

For decades, the Hilltoppers have reigned as Denison’s leading all-male a capella group. Here, they pay tribute to the college with their own rendition of the alma mater.