Host An Extern

Launched in 2012, Denison’s ExternsEverywhere is a one-day “shadowing” program that helps students explore their career possibilities, gain insight into various industries and professional cultures, and establish a broader network. (How great would that have been while you were a student?)

In return, participating alumni and organizations who serve as hosts enjoy the opportunity to connect with the Denison community, contribute to a student’s education, and possibly identify future interns or employees.

The Knowlton Career for Exploration offers three easy ways for you to get involved:

  1. You can create an externship description and then post it in your Handshake account.
  2. Or, contact the Knowlton Center at or 740-587-6656 and the staff will help you to design the externship and connect you with students.
  3. Or, if you are interested in helping grow the externship program, but you personally are not able to host a student, we encourage you to connect us with others in your organization or other alumni who may be able to offer an externship.

What is an externship?
An externship is at least a one-day, unpaid experience that typically takes place in January and allows students the opportunity to observe and interact with professional hosts. A normal day’s activities may include a tour, observing daily responsibilities, engaging in informational meetings with various members of a team, and participating in discussions about office culture or current industry trends.

What is the difference between an externship and an internship?
An externship is a short-term opportunity, which typically lasts one to two days, while internships vary in length but usually last for longer periods of time. Unlike some internships, externships do not offer pay or academic credit; however, externships can be extremely helpful to students in deciding on a major, where to conduct an internship, and in establishing a clearer picture for one’s life after graduation.

As an employer, do I have the opportunity to select students?
Yes. Students will apply to your externship, similar to an internship, and you can choose from the pool of applicants.

Will students contact me directly?
Yes, but only after Career Exploration & Development has informed you of your extern. It is the responsibility of the student to get in contact with you prior to the externship once the decision has been made and the contact information has been provided to the student. Students will not be given contact information during the application process.

Are there costs to participate?
There is no cost to you as a sponsor of the externship. Students are responsible for all of their expenses, transportation, meals, and lodging if necessary.

How many student externs will each office/organization receive?
In your application, please list the number of student externs your organization would like to host.