Asbury P. Walker

Asbury P. Walker, 1932

B.A., Denison University

District of Columbia

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 12, 1954

Asbury Prose Walker is known for his prominent work in international telecommunications, as well as his expert counsel and technical skills.

The manager of engineering for the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, Mr. Walker has served 13 years with the F.C.C., has led the development of the pseudo-synchronous sequential broadcasting system for use if an enemy attacks our nation, has been responsible for technical assistance to the Air Defense Command effecting plans for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation (Conelrad) as Eastern Supervisor of Conelrad, has represented U.S. delegations at high-frequency conferences in Geneva (1948); Mexico City (1949), serving eight months; Paris (1949); Zurich (1949) where television standards were determined; Florence-Rapallo, Italy (1950) serving five months and charged with reconciling multiple requirements for the same channels and time period and with preparing the broadcasting plan; and Havana, Cuba (1952).