August Fabel Jones

August Fabel Jones, 1922

B.S., Denison University
M.S., Denison University
E.E., Cornell University

Chatham, N.Y.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 11, 1960

An engineer whose research and design have revolutionized the communications systems of many countries, August Jones’ talents, both scientific and technical, were used effectively in the ordnance of war and in the progress of peace.

With the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation for 35 years, Mr. Jones has developed and directed the installation of automatic telephone dial systems in Spain, South America, Greece, Cuba, the Virgin Islands, as well as for urban centers in this country. A year ago he became part of a team to design a world-wide communications system for the U.S. Air Force providing rapid and automatic transmission of voice, telegraph messages, computer data, and pictures between any two Air Force bases in the world. Other military assignments of his have been the TACON aerial navigation system, automatic launching equipment for the BOMARC missile, electrical transmission and manipulation of punched business machine cards and other data.