Beatrice Ewart Anderson

Beatrice Ewart Anderson, 1927

B.A., Denison University

Raleigh, N.C.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 2, 1973

A devoted member of the United Nations Associations and its predecessor the American Association of the United Nations for many years, she has been for the past 15 year President of the North Carolina Division of the UNA. She has been recognized for her leadership in “developing awareness of the UN by state and community officials. Particularly noteworthy has been the traveling Workshops on the UN which she has led in the past few years. These Workshops have built public knowledge and support among thousands of citizens and has been cited as one of the most outstanding programs developed by a lead of the UNA in the 50 states.”

She has been referred to as the Eleanor Roosevelt of the Carolinas.

An editorial in the October 6, 1972 Raleigh Times in commending her work for the cause of international understanding not only thru the UNA but in other areas said, “She has been patient in the face of apathy about the UN, keeping at her self-imposed job of developing interest in the UN. She has brought speakers here, held dinners, worked out press releases…”

Under her direction, her state organization has worked to achieve the goal of representatives from each of the 100 counties in N.C. and broadening the number of groups involved such as the League of Women Voters, Churchwomen United, AAUW and the ministerial associations. UN Weeks, UN study groups, the high school essay contest which sends three busloads of local winners to the UN each year, college model UN General Assemblies which she first started in 1957 and still continues in N.C. colleges, UN participation in the annual World Affairs Conference at Chapel Hill and the World Affairs Institute at Blue Ridge indicate the scope of Association activity she has established.

Mrs. Anderson has also helped begin the experiment in international living program as well as its Community Ambassador Project in Raleigh a score of years ago, having had scores of international students as members of her family for more than twenty years.