Charles N. Andreae III

Charles N. Andreae III, 1977

B.A., Denison University
M.A., Georgetown University

District of Columbia

Citation awarded May, 2002

Chip Andreae is the Denison volunteer par excellence. His life since Denison is a continuous history of exceptional service to his alma mater, from admission work and career advising to Alumni Club leadership, fundraising, and Alumni Society governance.

Perhaps due to his own distinguished career in public affairs, the field of career networking has been Chip’s signature area in his work for Denison. After a term as Alumni Council member–at-Large in the early 1990s, he was the first to serve that governing body as the vice president for careers (1995-97). In this role, and as new communications possibilities opened up on the web, Chip was instrumental in moving Denison to a whole new level of career service to its alumni and students. In the wake of his service in this post, he was elected to the presidency of the Denison Society of the Alumni. During his tenure (1998-2000), Chip worked untiringly to build strong relationships between the Alumni Council and Denison’s administration, as well as between the Council and current students. Indeed, personal assistance to the students and alumni in their career development has been a hallmark of Chip’s ongoing leadership in the Denison community. He currently serves Denison as a member of the President’s Leadership Council, as well as of the class of 1977 executive committee and the 25th reunion planning committee.

In his professional life, Chip worked for 15 years on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., including four years with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and five years as chief of staff for Senator Richard G. Lugar ’54. In 1990, he joined the consulting firm, RCF Group, and only two years later, Chip founded Andreae & Associates, which several years later would become the Washington public affairs consulting firm of Andreae, Vick & Associates, LLC. The organization provides government relations and consulting services, specializing in internal affairs. While much of the firm’s business is with private business, the firm also engages in work with developing democracies at the request of the U.S. State Department. Chip trained political parties in South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia for eight years, and he has headed or been involved with numerous U.S. elections observer missions around the world. He views the latter as among the most exciting and gratifying of his company’s initiatives.

In addition to his consulting practice, Chip has served as a visiting professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University for seven years. In addition to his Denison degree in Political Science and History, he holds the M.A. in Government from Georgetown University, He was elected to the Council on Foreign Relations in 1988, and has served on the board of directors of the Foreign Student Service Council and the St. Paul’s School.

Chip and his wife Jane live in Arlington, Virginia. They have three sons and a daughter.