Charles W. Deeds

Charles W. Deeds, 1923

B.S., Denison University
M.B.A., Harvard University
LL.D., Trinity College

Citation awarded June, 1983

A nationally recognized industrialist, Dr. Charles W. Deeds established himself early in the fledgling aircraft industry first as assistant treasurer of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in 1926 and then in various executive capacities leading to the vice presidency of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), now United Technologies, and general managership of the Pratt & Whitney Division of UAC. From 1938 to 1943 he was president of Chandler-Evans Corporation. When Chandler-Evans merged with Niles-Bement-Pond, he assumed the presidency and later the chairmanship of the board of the latter company. Much sought after for his leadership skills and business acumen, he has served as a director of eight other companies whose products range from insurance to paper.

Dr. Deeds is part of a Denison family where a member has been attending Denison for 90 years. He served as a trustee of Denison for 25 years, was chairman of the board of trustees for nearly ten years, and has been a life trustee since 1977. As a trustee he has given magnanimously of his own time, enthusiasm, and resources in support of the college. As honorary co-chair of the 150th Anniversary Campaign, he was successful in attracting capital gifts from other individuals and corporations and undertook the renovation of the athletic facilities and Deeds Field as his personal campaign commitment.

His interest in education has not been limited to his support of this University. He has served for many years as a trustee of Westminster School in Connecticut and was a founder of the University of Hartford where he recently endowed a Symposium on Free Enterprise. In 1957 Trinity College granted him an honorary degree in recognition of his accomplishments and support of higher education.

Not only has he been an influential leader in American industry and in education, he has been responsible for much of the civic improvements and development of humanitarian services in his community. He has served as director, president, and trustee of the Greater Hartford YMCA, campaign chair of the Greater Hartford Community Chest, trustee of Church Homes, Inc., and an incorporator of the Hartford Hospital.