Clarence Adelbert Shoop

Clarence Adelbert Shoop, 1930

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 4, 1949

Clarence Shoop is the director of flight testing, chief pilot, and field service and military liaison for the Hughes Aircraft Company. He is also commanding officer of the 146th Fighter Group of the California National Guard, with the rank of colonel. He is frequently loaned to the United States Air Force for special projects. Colonel Shoop has an amazing war record in the Air Force, including a number of fighter missions over Germany as well as commander of the 7th Photo Reconnaissance Group on D-Day and on 17 later missions, including one to Italy. As commanding officer of the flight test base at Muroc, Calif., he conducted or supervised all early experimental flights of the fastest army aircraft. He drove the first transcontinental flight of the first Lockheed Constellation.