Clifford Benjamin Marshall

Clifford Benjamin Marshall, 1918

B.S., Denison UNiversity

New York

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 7, 1952

Clifford Marshall was the chief negotiator, in the fall of 1951, of an agreement with the government of India under which the Standard-Vacuum Oil Co. will invest $35 million to build an oil refinery at Bombay. This project was hailed as the first large-scale private capital investment by an American firm in India since the war. The agreement attracted international attention as setting a new pattern for industrial development on the sub-continent. Mr. Marshall’s background of friendliness for the people of India and the confidence they had developed in his judgment over the years were important factors in these successful negotiations.

He is a member of the board of directors of Standard-Vacuum and a veteran of more than 32 years of experience in the international oil industry, serving 29 years as a petroleum marketer in India. During World War II, he was directly concerned with Standard Vacuum’s part in supplying a high-octane gasoline to U.S. and allied air, ground, and naval forces in the Far East theatre. He is active in a number of international organizations interested in improving trade, social and political relations in the Eastern Hemisphere. On May 14, 1952, he became a vice president of Standard-Vacuum.