David Elmer Woods

David Elmer Woods, 1912

B.S., Denison University

Culver City, Calif.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 4, 1949

David Woods has been head of the Layout and Revision Department of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios in Culver City, Calif., since 1937. In 1928, along with MGM, he pioneered in sound recording when the demand for sound motion pictures was threatening to overwhelm the industry’s ability to supply them. He has been active in Temple Baptist Church of Los Angeles since 1922 and has been a deacon and a member of the official board for ten years. He has long had an interest in practical application of Christian principles to the whole of life, including social, political, and economic fields. In that connection, he and his wife are charter members of the Southern California Chapter of the Rauschenbusch Fellowship. He is head of an organization titled Christian Social Progress Fellowship.