David L. Kuhns

David L. Kuhns, 1968

B.A., Denison University
J.D., University of Pittsburgh

Managing Director
Banyan Group E.S.C., Ltd.
Bronxville, N.Y.

Citation awarded June, 2012

David Kuhns is a founding board member of The Armory Foundation, which among other activities runs the premier indoor track and field center in America and the largest high school sports competition in New York City. He oversees the organization’s education initiatives, including Armory College Prep, an afterschool college advancement program that focuses on helping student athletes from 30 of the City’s poorest performing high schools. Each year more than 250 student athletes participate in Armory Prep’s winter and summer programs. To date Armory Prep has been instrumental in assisting over 500 deserving inner-city high school students gain access to and pay for college.

David is also cofounder and advisor to Tooble LLC, an educational software provider and video download service located in New Haven, CT. In addition, he serves as managing director of Banyan Group ESC, an executive recruiting and management consulting firm with offices in Boston and Bronxville, NY.

A retired broadcaster and communications lawyer, David co-founded Citicom Broadcasting Co., an owner/operator of radio stations in New York and Massachusetts; he also served as assistant general counsel for HBO (the pay cable company) and earlier as an appellate litigation lawyer for the Federal Communications Commission.

David has remained an active Denison alumnus. He feels strongly that in tough economic times, such as these, liberal arts colleges must prepare their students to think for themselves, and if all else fails in the job market, to equip them to create their own opportunities. With that in mind, several years ago, together with a founding group of Denison students, David helped start the Denison University Venture Philanthropy Club, an investment partnership that provides capacity building help to selected nonprofits in Licking County. This year the organization completed its forth round of social venture investing. VPC has already impacted the lives of many people in Licking County and has brought distinction to its members and credit to the University.