Ernest Carhartt Brelsford

Ernest Carhartt Brelsford, 1924

Ph.B., Denison University

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 8, 1974

Ernest C. Brelsford traveled extensively throughout the world for two years following graduation as secretary to the famed John R. Mott. He began his career in business with Otis & Company, Cleveland, in 1926, and became an officer and partner in F. Eberstadt & Co., N.Y., investment bankers in 1932, staying there for 10 years. During most of that period he was in charge of corporate financing, including the handling of financing programs of numerous industrial companies in various parts of the country. From 1942 to 1945, he was associated with the treasurer’s department at Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation, developing financial programs, supervising budgets of commercial and other borrowing, and organizing and supervising war contract termination activities. He next joined Thompson Products and rose to treasurer. When Thompson Products underwent a merger in 1961, Mr. Brelsford was named vice president for finance of the new conglomerate, Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc., the position he held until his retirement in 1967. He also continued as treasurer.

During World War II, Mr. Brelsford was made chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers’ group of officers responsible for war contract termination activities in some fifteen companies including General Electric, Sperry, U.S. Steel, Western Electric, Westinghouse, Thompson Products, etc. He served also as chairman of the advisory committee to the U.S. Bureau of the Budget.

A member of the Denison Board of Trustees for 25 years, a former president of the Denison Cleveland Alumni Association and the Denison New York Alumni Association and a past member of the Denison Alumni Council, former chairman of the Denison Business Council, and chairman of both Cleveland’s Greater Denison Program and Ford Foundation Challenge fund campaigns, his contributions to Denison have been significant and numerous.