Ford R. Weber

Ford R. Weber, 1921

B.S., Denison University

Toledo, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 5, 1971

Ford R. Weber is a business leader who never forgot the obligations of an alumnus, fraternalist, churchman, and citizen.

As a partner in the investments firm of Foster Bros., Weber & Co., Toledo, and an officer and director of a number of food, building, media, banking, securities, and recreational small businesses, his leadership talents have always been at the service of his community to help shape the traditions of civic responsibility in Toledo that earned him the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) “Good Citizenship Award.” Trustee and long-time chairman of the gifts and bequests committee, now the development council, of the Board of Denison University, he has, in the field of higher education, balanced his record of contributions with service to his fraternity as trustee of the alumni chapter of Beta Theta Pi since 1932, to his class of 1921 as permanent president; to the Denison Alumni Society as its 47th president; to the Denison Alumni Club of Toledo as president; and to the OFIC as trustee. His leadership roles in the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, Toledo, and the Toledo Council of Churches have been equally as important.

Mr. Weber is beyond exceptional in his devotion and enthusiasm to his community, church, and fraternity and for his whole-hearted giving of himself to this college.