Frank Wilson Edwards

Frank Wilson Edwards, 1918


Citation awarded on Saturday, June 7, 1952

Frank Edwards went to work for Telling-Belle Vernon Company in 1920 as an office worker and ended at the company’s top desk. He took over positions which previously had been held by two men, worked out the perpetual inventory system, became purchasing agent, and was put in charge of transportation. In three years, Mr. Edwards cut the cost of his department in half and was put in charge of all branch plants. In five years, he rebuilt and reequipped them all.

In 1951, after serving as president for ten years, Mr. Edwards spun out the milk and ice cream divisions into two separate companies of the National Dairy Products Corporation. He handles the great task of operating this $30 million business with ease and grace.

He acts as director of the Akron Pure Milk Company, the Youngstown Sanitary Milk Company, and the Ideal Mutual Insurance Company of New York. He also serves as president of the Cleveland District Dairy Council and is Zone 8 Advisor of National Dairy, which covers most of Ohio and West Virginia and part of Kentucky. He is also vice president of the Cleveland Convention and Trade Show Bureau.