Franklin Giberson Rue

Franklin Giberson Rue, 1907

B.S., Denison University

Imlaystown, N.J.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 7, 1952

As a member of the executive committee of New Jersey’s Monmouth County Board of Agriculture for eight years, Franklin Rue has served the cause of organized agriculture. His farms exemplify successful farming and soil conservation. Milk production from a herd of 50 cows and successful potato growing are his principal farm enterprises. The general excellence of his farming brought him the unusual title of “Master Farmer.”

In 1949 his pasture methods, developed in cooperation with the New Jersey Extension Service, were so outstanding as to merit the statewide award for the best green pastures program.

He did yeoman work in securing funds and laying out a new educational system, including an outstanding agricultural school to serve a growing population. Great advances in agricultural science have been made while he served on the board of managers of the State Agricultural Experimental Station. His leadership and untiring service to his community, county, and state won him a citation from the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture in 1950.