Fred S. Poorman

Fred S. Poorman, 1923

B.S., Denison University

District of Columbia

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 12, 1954

Fred S. Poorman is a renowned authority in both civil and military construction and is recognized for his achievements in aiding the phenomenal development of the engineering and construction industry of World War II.

As one of the two engineers responsible for the design and construction of the first modern major toll highway, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Mr. Poorman became the highest civilian in the office of the chief of engineers of the Army. Today he is in the office of the assistant secretary of defense as chief of the technical division and senior assistant to the director of construction, where he is responsible for establishing design standards and architectural specifications for the construction of all types of military bases in a multi-billion-dollar defense program.

Mr. Poorman is a recipient of the Legion of Merit, inventor of the aircraft practice gunnery range, and author of classified publications such as “Controlling Elements in Site Selection for War Facilities”.