Friend Morris Cochran

Friend Morris Cochran, 1919

B.S., Denison University
D.B.A., Albion College
M.A. ad eundem, Brown University

Providence, R.I.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 6, 1959

Friend M. Cochran’s energetic devotion to the human problems in his profession and in his community is reflected in his noteworthy service to the independent college and university as an educational administrator.

Beginning his career at Alderson-Broaddus College, Dr. Cochran later served Albion College as business manager for 16 years, winning a national reputation through his publications, which include co-authorship of Accounting Manual for Colleges, and through his active participation in the formation and development of national and regional associations of college and university business officers. In 1945, Brown University invited him to become its business manager, and made him vice president a year later.

His professional and community service, including using his invaluable counsel and wide net of personal contacts to assist young men entering the field of college business administration, has been further recognized by the granting of honorary degrees by both Albion and Brown.