George Herbert Shorney

George Herbert Shorney, 1918

B.S., Denison University

Oak Park, Ill.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 2, 1973

Ever since his graduation from Denison, George Shorney has been a devoted friend of the University. In honor of his 42-year tenure as a member of Denison’s board of trustees, the board in 1971 named a $1 million residence hall at Denison in his honor. In its resolution the board termed him a “distinguished alumnus and an honored and able trustee.” Board chairman John E. F. Wood ’24 has praised his “selfless dedication” to his alma mater. His approximate 60-year association with Denison is regarded as exemplifying the best of Denison ideals.

He has made many significant contributions to Denison: as an undergraduate, through his political, journalistic, theatrical and music abilities; as an alumnus, to his fraternity, to his local alumni association, and to the Denison Board of Trustees as its chairman from 1946 to 1950 and as a member of important committees. Three of his children are Denison graduates.

President of the Hope Publishing Co. in Chicago and its affiliate companies, publishers of sacred music, he has been an outstanding business, church, and community leader where he has been the embodiment of enthusiasm for and devotion to Denison.