George William Hazlett

George William Hazlett, 1918

A.B., Denison University
LL.B., Western Reserve University


Citation awarded on Saturday, June 6, 1964

As a partner in the firm of McAfee, Hanning, Newcomer, Hazlett & Wheeler, George Hazlett’s legal experience has encompassed a wide range of subjects. However, his legal talents in the securing of sound law and responsible practice have earned him a national reputation. His representation has been seen as invaluable to the major oil companies in this country. As counsel for the Standard Oil Company (Ohio), he has served on oil and gas matters in Guatemala, Venezuela, and Spain. On the Interstate Compact Commission created by a number of oil and gas producing states, he has been instrumental in coordinating conservation activities of these vital resources. His work on various phases of mineral law has appeared significantly in the publications of the Council of the Mineral Section of the American Bar Association, the Southwestern Oil and Gas Institute, and the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute.