Grace Kussmaul Stone

Grace Kussmaul Stone, 1920

R.N., Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing

New Haven, Conn.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 6, 1964

Grace Kussmaul Stone is nationally recognized in her services as a volunteer American Red Cross nurse.

In more than 20 years of volunteer service, Mrs. Stone has worked as an instructor of home nursing courses, a bloodmobile nurse, a disaster nurse who did round-the-clock duty helping to care for the victims of New Haven’s Franklin Street fire of 1957 and the Connecticut flood disaster of 1956, and an instructor in the mass-disaster training procedures carried on jointly by the Civil Defense and Red Cross units in New Haven. Presently chairwoman of nursing services of the New Haven Red Cross chapter, she was first honored with a silver medal and citation from Marshal Foch of France for her volunteer work in making and shipping surgical supplies to France during World War I while she was a student at Denison. She was among the first six volunteer nurses in the United States to be awarded the national Red Cross Estabrook Award for distinguished service. Mrs. Stone, whose late husband was a member of the Yale Medical School faculty, has reared two sons and a daughter.