Harriet Livingston Mather

Harriet Livingston Mather, 1921

B.S., Denison University
Diploma in Nursing, Christ Hospital School of Nursing, Cincinnati

Granville, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 3, 1967

Harriet Mather’s high standards and exceptional skill in directing one of the healing arts has won for her the esteem of co-workers, trainees, and patients.

In 32 years as a supervisor of nurses and director of nurses’ training at the Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans, Miss Mather accumulated a long list of honors and positions of responsibility. The hospital perpetuated her name by calling its nursing school the “Mather School of Nursing.” She worked at those national professional levels that were responsible for the shaping of the present-day professional code for nurses and the setting of standards for nursing education. At the state level she served those committees that were charged with the task of improving nursing services in Louisiana and elevating professional practice in the hospitals in New Orleans.