Homer Edgar Wickenden

Homer Edgar Wickenden, 1912

Ph.B., Denison University
M.A., University of Louisville

Bronxville, N.Y.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 9, 1962

In his 43 years of devotion to the social betterment and protection of our people, Homer Edgar Wickenden has played a significant role as the architect of a health and welfare retirement system that has become national in scope.

Beginning as a social worker in Louisville, Ky., Cleveland, and New York City, Mr. Wickenden’s reputation became widespread and led him to the directorship of the United Hospital Fund of New York and raising funds for 80 hospitals. In 1944 he was chosen as executive vice president and secretary of the National Health and Welfare Retirement Association and at the request of the United Funds and Community Councils, he undertook the organization and development of a retirement system for 2,500 health and welfare agencies across the country which now provides retirement and death benefits for 30,000 people.