Howard W. Webb

Howard W. Webb, 1913

B.A., Denison University

Dayton, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 8, 1963

Howard W. Webb is a business leader who never forgot the obligations of an churchman, citizen, fraternalist, and alumnus.

An executive officer with Buckeye Iron & Brass Works of Dayton, Mr. Webb helped to develop that company’s many products for the oil industry. His administrative talent has always been at the service of his community and has helped to shape the strong traditions of the Dayton YMCA and Chamber of Commerce. A trustee and 50-year member of First Baptist Church in Dayton, he has headed its endowment efforts as well as its financial drive to establish its new mission, the Dorothy Lane American Baptist Church. Long-time secretary and treasurer of Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Alumni Association, he raised the money to pay off the mortgage on that chapter house. He has served the class of 1913 as permanent president and the Dayton Denison Alumni Club in the multiple capacities as officer, student recruiter, and fund leader.