James C. Rieger

James C. Rieger, 1938

Aurora, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 8, 1963

President of Wilson Marine Transit Company of Cleveland, he presides over one of the oldest independent Great Lakes fleets, operating 25 carriers of iron ore, grain, and other bulk commodities. Wilson Marine is known the length of the lakes for its advanced ideas and contributions to maritime safety and efficiency. It was the first to equip a lake freighter with an ocean cruiser stern to enable Great Lakes cargo to expand to a worldwide basis. Mr. Rieger also presides over a multitude of affiliated commercial interests as an officer and director of real estate development, several mining and metallurgical companies, an importing business, and a management executive consulting service. A metallurgical engineer, he has also put his considerable talents to work in the British and American Iron and Steel Institutes, the Canadian Institute of Mining, and the American Institute of Mining Metallurgists and Engineers.