John D. Osmond III

John D. Osmond III, 1964

B.S., Denison University
M.D., Case Western Reserve University

Chief of Staff
Cape Cod Hospital

Citation awarded May, 1990

Following his graduation from Denison, John D. Osmond III attended Case Western Reserve University, graduating with his M.D. in 1968.

John has pursued an activist medical practice and has spearheaded the grass-roots state and national effort to identify and prevent further loss of physician manpower caused by high malpractice insurance rates and political restrictions. Concerned over a pending disaster due to physical shortage and diminishing access to care for the citizens of his community and state, John has spent great efforts writing, speaking, and meeting with representatives of the news media as well as local, state, and federal officials with the hope of preventing a serious health care problem.

As chief of staff at the Cape Cod Hospital, John directs and is responsible for the executive committee and the numerous departmental and medical committees establishing forward thinking and award winning acclaim for excellence and achievement for this role model of a community hospital.

John’s other passion is sailing in ocean racing. He is a world class and honored ocean racing sailor winning over a hundred ocean racing trophies. His interest in the sea and fellow sailors has resulted in actively promoting Safety at Sea, sportsmanship and race management. As director and vice president of the United States Yacht Racing Union, he is voluntarily serving, directing, and establishing policy for over 500,000 one-design, offshore, Olympic and collegiate sailors throughout the USA.