John H. Wyant IV

John H. Wyant IV, 1968

B.A., Denison University
J.D., Northern Kentucky University

Nutrition Technology Corporation

Citation awarded May, 1988

By his own words, John, or Jack, Wyant IV approached his life’s work as a “smorgasbord.” Using a three-legged foundation of his Denison liberal arts education, his J.D. from Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law, and five years’ experience in marketing with Procter & Gamble Co., he has made a career of starting and building new business enterprises.

These include a television business, Home Entertainment Network, Inc., the College Football Hall of Fame, which he founded, and currently the Nutrition Technology Corporation, which designs nutrition and fiber supplement products for the needs of the elderly.

Jack has been closely involved with youth sports programs in Cincinnati, presently playing an active role in the junior squash program which has been successful in producing nationally ranked players.

He has participated in Denison activities in Cincinnati, serving as president of the Alumni Club, and as the President’s Associates chair for Cincinnati. He was a participant in last year’s “Classroom to Boardroom and Back” symposium.