John Walker Hundley

John Walker Hundley, 1919

Ph.B., Denison University

New York

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 11, 1955

A passionate advocate for Denison, John Hundley has achieved success as a network television executive.

Mr. Hundley has been a proponent of television networking from its earliest, pioneering efforts to make it a national service. He has served as a CBS executive producer in charge of daytime television programs, and since 1950 has been serving CBS Television in the important post of manager for its network program services. He played a significant role in the development of CBS’ international short-wave broadcasting affairs which were put at the disposal of the government upon this country’s entry into World War II. Many honors have been accorded him in recognition of public service. These include citations from Community Chests of America, National Conference of Christians and Jews, National Association for Mental Health, and Crusade for Freedom. CBS further honored Mr. Hundley and Denison this winter in making an educational grant to this institution in recognition of his services. His interest in Denison led him to the presidency of the Alumni Association in New York.