Mary Jane Oestmann

Mary Jane Oestmann, 1946

B.A., Denison University
M.S., University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

District of Columbia

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 5, 1971

Dr. Mary Jane Oestmann is widely recognized as a research chemist who has done much in developing nuclear knowledge for peaceful applications.

She has recently been appointed environmental analyst to the Radiation & Environmental Protection division of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission where she will be responsible for the evaluation of the environmental impact of nuclear power plants undergoing licensing. Her most significant achievements have been in developing radioisotope techniques ranging from medical, biological, chemical to industrial applications through her research work at A.B. Atomenergi in Stockholm, Sweden; the Institute for Atomic Energy in Kjeller, Norway; and at Batelle Memorial Institute and Argonne National Laboratory; developing present thermal and future fast nuclear power plants to generate the electrical power needed for our nation from her research efforts in the Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Program Office; studying and minimizing the environmental impact of power plants for the Center of Environmental Sciences at Argonne National Laboratory; guiding scientists and faculty from American Universities and Colleges and from abroad in nuclear applications through her teaching experience in the International Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Argonne.