Olga Rummel Fry

Olga Rummel Fry, 1919

B.S., Denison University

Wilmington, Del.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 7, 1958

Olga Fry’s research in the field of analytical chemistry with E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc., is known and respected.

Trained as a chemist, Mrs. Fry did research for Procter and Gamble, the C. F. Burgess Battery Company, and the Royal Baking Powder Company before joining du Pont twenty years ago to work in their Plastics Research Laboratory. In 1950 she was transferred to the Research Division of the company’s polychemicals department at the experimental station near Wilmington, Delaware. Mrs. Fry is also a translator of scientific German for the Lavoisier Library of du Pont and the mother of two sons who graduated from Denison and from medical school. Hers is a life exemplary of Denison ideals, early distinguished by her success as a scientist and by her active interest in her alma mater, Beta Tau chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Presbyterian church, and the community of business and professional women.