Paul R. Lyne

Paul R. Lyne, 1923

Ph.B., Denison University
M.A., Columbia University
Ed.D., Rio Grande College

Cambridge, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 8, 1963

As the president of Rio Grande College, a sister institution of Dr. Paul R. Lyne’s work as educator and leader has advanced the cause of providing youth with opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, social and physical growth.

Distinguishing himself early as a teacher, coach, historian, and public school administrator, Dr. Lyne brought to his students a desire to be of maximum help. In 1954 he was called to the presidency of Rio Grande, a college known for its self-help program. During his tenure, the college has made outstanding gains, notably four new buildings erected, its science hall modernized, and the faculty, curriculum, and academic achievements so strengthened that the institution is now ready for accreditation. His steady devotion to the development of young people has also led him to serve his church as Sunday School teacher, the Ohio Baptist Convention as trustee, the Boy Scouts as camp director and councilman, and the afflicted as founder of the Guernsey County Cancer Society.