Reid Allen Bryson

Reid Allen Bryson, 1941

A.B., Denison University
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Madison, Wis.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 11, 1966

A renowned world climatologist whose ingenuity in applying meteorological methods to a variety of disciplines is internationally recognized, Dr. Reid Bryson has made significant contributions to the international understanding of climatic data and bridged many of the gaps between scientific disciplines.

Currently professor and chairman of meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Bryson is best known for applying climatic methods and data to cultural changes among the Great Plains Indian, applying a variety of disciplines, including archaeology, geography, history, and meteorology, to the question of climatic modification in India and applying meteorological methods to limnology and geography.

Author of three books and 80 publications in journals of meteorology, geography, oceanography, hydrology, and archaeology, he has spent several years in field experience in the Pacific Islands, the Canadian Arctic and Alaska, Greece, and various countries in South America, Africa, and Asia. He has also served on numerous national and international committees and as a U. S. delegate to various international conferences on climatic problems. Presently he is also an investigator for the Indian government in a research program aimed toward large-scale climatic modification of the Rajputana Desert and for the realization of radiometer soundings in the free atmosphere over India.