Robert L. Marquardt

Robert L. Marquardt, 1950

B.A., Denison University
M.B.A., California Western School of Law
Ph.D., California Western School of Law
Ph.D., Weber State College

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 7, 1975

Since 1965, Mr. Robert Marquardt has been group vice president of Thiokel Chemical Corporation and executive director of the company’s Economic Development Operations (EDO), the organization that applies Thiokol’s systems management techniques to the definition and solution of local, national, and international socio-economic problems.

Mr. Marquardt has applied his management enterprise and the resources of his company in a broad frontal attack on poverty and health through educational innovations. Some of his most significant achievements which have been nationally recognized include: over 50,000 unemployed workers placed on jobs after career-entry training he directed; the development of a series of innovative curriculum in vocational skills training, human awareness training, and student motivation and leadership development; the introduction of a wide range of diversification of sociological programs that vary from Indian family training centers, to model child development centers, industry on reservations, parolee half-way houses, Job Corps centers and Peace Corps training; new dimensions in flexibility for career education in the development of a Transmodular Learning System; executive direction to the company’s Humerics Corporation in producing electronic teaching simulators which are leading the industry in medical school education. Few companies or individuals can match Mr. Marquardt’s record of achievements in industry-originated education development programs.

Prior to his current assignment with EDO, Mr. Marquardt was responsible for directing the marketing activities of Thiokol’s aerospace operations and for the sales growth from $10 million to $180 million a year.

He also holds a number of important civic appointments, trusteeships, and professional memberships.