Robert Wilson Broughton

Robert Wilson Broughton, 1938

B.A., Denison University

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 8, 1974

Vice president, business manager and treasurer of Colorado College, Robert W. Broughton is best known for the contributions he has made to the profession of educational business officers. He is nationally respected in the National, Western, and Central Associations of College and University Business Officers. He has served the professional development committee and the committee on planning, budgeting, and accounting of the national association. He is a past member of the advisory committee on administrative costs for the National Defense Student Loan Program, U.S. Office of Education; past member of the Cost Budget Analysis System Design Committee, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education; past member of the Committee on Taxation and Fiscal Reporting to the Federal Government, American Council on Education; and past secretary and member of the Executive Committee, Western Association of College & University Business Officers.

His stature in the field has led him to do consulting work for eight western colleges. The Ford Foundation invited him to assist its staff in developing ten year projections for educational television stations located in Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco. The Governor of the state of Texas invited him to assist that state’s commission to study higher education. The city of Colorado Springs named him to the board of directors of its environmental planning association. During the 15 years in which he has been the business officer at Colorado College, the college has become recognized in the region for its strong academic accomplishments and its sound financial position.