Roland F. Miller

Roland F. Miller, 1933

B.A., Denison University
M.A., Case Western Reserve University

Citation awarded June, 1983

Retired director of training and development of the U.S. Steel Corporation, Mr. Ronald F. Miller was selected in 1964 from among the directors of some 200 U.S. Steel divisions and subsidiaries to manage the education and training for steel operations, production services, and managerial training for one of the largest corporations in the world which included hundreds of plants and hundreds of thousands of employees.

His earlier experience in teaching disadvantaged children in Cleveland was an inspiration for his industrial relations programming, since it gave him insight which found expression in the design of those programs that would provide the opportunity for the unskilled to become skilled and for the talented to advance in plant operations, sales, and the managerial and executive levels. His achievements have influenced the design of corporate educational programs everywhere and he has been a powerful force in shaping opportunity for the advancement of workers within the industrial complex.

Mr. Miller was the chief representative of U.S. Steel’s “good citizen” role in developing community, national, and international relations. Among his many contributions, he was loaned to the Taiwanese China Steel Corporation for three years to guide Taiwanese engineers in the development of a steel plant from its beginning. For 25 years he was a leader in the key group of this nation’s training directors, the American Society for Training and Development. He was also the moving force in COWDRICK, a national industrial relations organization; a member of the board of visitors of the University Of Pittsburgh School of General Studies; and a member of an industrial advisory committee for the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children. In his professional life he was been a model of emulation in public service in the corporate world.