Ruth Mather

Ruth Mather, 1912

B.A., Denison University

Granville, Ohio

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 9, 1962

Ruth Mather’s life and services in the Christian outreach exemplifies the best of Denison ideals, advancing the Christian overseas mission program.

Under appointment as a Baptist missionary in 1920, Miss Mather first taught overseas in the School of Mothercraft in East China. During a period of recuperation from a health difficulty, she served the Christian education department of the Ohio Baptist Convention until she could return to China in 1939. First training young women for children’s work in church and school, she moved on to a teaching post at Hangchow Christian University and was later called to Chungking for work with the National Christian Council of China. During the Japanese invasion of China, she did refugee work among orphaned missions and continued to serve other China mission schools until the Communists forced her to move on to the Union Christian High School in Rangoon, Burma, from which she retired in 1957.