Susan A. Peterson

Susan A. Peterson, 1967

B.A., Denison University
Susan Peterson Productions, Inc.
District of Columbia

Citation awarded June, 1996

Susan Peterson Alexander’s career has been devoted to excellence in the media. She is President of the communication training firm, Susan Peterson Productions, Inc., which specializes in conducting media and presentation training seminars for organizations as diverse as Shell Oil, The American Chemical Society, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and NASA.

Before launching her business in 1983, Susan gained wide experience as a television writer and reporter. She was the first television reporter to specialize in issues of aging, and her efforts helped move the issue to the forefront of the American consciousness.

In 1982, Susan was awarded the National Association for Home Care Award for Excellence in Journalism, an award which was later named for her. In seven years with CBS, she won the distinction of being the first female foreign correspondent, stationed in London and covering Europe and the Middle East.

Susan is an active volunteer in the local Washington, D.C. business community. She is chair of the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, a research and leadership development organization. She is also a member of Leadership Washington and co-chaired that organization’s Communications Committee. In addition, she donates her services in spokesperson training to philanthropic leadership programs. Susan is well known on the Denison campus for her career development presentations to students.

Susan is married to Archie “Tank” Alexander, and they split their time between homes in New York, Washington, and Vermont.