Thurman Fred Sowers

Thurman Fred Sowers, 1910

Ph.B., Denison University
B.D., Crozer Theological Seminary
M.A., University of Pennsylvania

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 4, 1949

Rendered permanently sightless before his first birthday, Thurman Sowers’ achievements and services have honored Denison in truly remarkable manner. After graduating from the School for the Blind as class valedictorian, he taught the piano. He graduated from Denison with Phi Beta Kappa honors. With the help of his loyal wife, Icel Ina Spurgeon Sowers, he has been a minister of many Baptist churches in Ohio, Kansas, and Nebraska. He has served in the Kingdom in inimitable fashion. Although retired, he still assists as supply pastor, evangelist and Bible Institute teacher, and expects to continue to serve his Master through his remaining years.