William Horace Williams

William Horace Williams, 1905

New Orleans

Citation awarded on Saturday, June 11, 1955

Recognized for his pioneering contributions in the field of heavy engineering construction, W. Horace is an engineer of international repute and a builder of vast industrial resources throughout the world.

As founder and president of the The W. Horace Williams Company and several other engineering, manufacturing, and sales companies, Mr. Williams created the new profession of engineering contractor, and designed and constructed many projects involving several hundred million dollars for American and foreign industry and governments. In addition, he has served President Obregon and Callas of Mexico and President Leguia of Peru as their engineer in harbor construction, the president of Santa Domingo on aqueduct design and construction, as well as a consultant in China, the Middle East, and the Far East. His companies served our nation both in World War I and World War II as shipbuilders and builders of Army Camps, air bases, and harbor facilities. He won national fame for such engineering feats as the completion of the Chalmette Monument, the closure of the Hymelia Crevasse, the construction of the Standard Oil Company Docks at Baton Rouge and of its terminals in Tampico, Mexico, the construction of nearly all Alumina Company plants in this country, and the design and construction of the first offshore steel drilling equipment for Louisiana Tidelands oil development.