Earth Day 2020 Webinar

Earth Day 2020 Webinar

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 5:00 pm EDT to 6:00 pm EDT

Online at ESGX and on YouTube

It’s Earth Day 2020, and yes, we are in the midst of the coronavirus, but that is not stopping Mother Nature from unfurling her leaves. Take a moment today to step outside and appreciate our Earth – the blue pebble in our solar system.

We are offering a special Earth Day webinar today. Please join Associate Professor of Economics Fadhel Kaboub and his colleagues at 5 p.m. EDT as they discuss green jobs, the Green New Deal, job guarantee, and modern monetary theory. You can find the webinar by registering at ESGX or by viewing it on the ESGX YouTube channel.

And please take a moment to enjoy this brief video of the Denison campus by Denison’s Office of Sustainability and Campus Improvement, produced by Christian Faur and scored by HyeKyung Lee.

This Earth Day is especially poignant. It’s the 50-year anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Denison’s rich history of sustainability began in 1977, just seven years after the first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States when the college established the Homestead, an off-the-grid, evolving experiment in socio-environmentally responsible community life.

Since then, the college has undertaken a number of wide-ranging initiatives that address the relationship between humans and their environment. The campus recycling program was introduced in 1984 and later evolved into a recycling center that is used by the entire community. In 1994, academic interest in environmentalism prompted the creation of an Environmental Studies major and minor.

Today, we boast a large solar array that provides 15 percent of the campus’ energy. With that and many other initiatives, we are on our way to meeting our goal of a carbon-neutral campus by 2030.

Breathe deep and take a peaceful moment.

Chapel Walk at Denison