Volunteer Confidentiality Policy

Volunteer Confidentiality Policy and Agreement


This policy has been set in place to maintain the confidentiality of the constituencies of Denison University and is a supplement to Denison University’s Data Use Policy regarding confidential constituent information.


Confidentiality of Constituent Information
Denison University recognizes the importance of, and is committed to, maintaining the privacy of our constituents. Therefore, all information and data maintained by the Office of Advancement Operations are intended for the sole purpose of official university business. Under no circumstances may this information be used for non-Denison-related objectives, including, but not limited to, commercial, political, or religious purposes. All volunteers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of Denison’s constituent information. Consequently, when sending emails to multiple Denison constituents, please send individual messages or blind carbon copy (bcc) everyone. This format should be used whenever possible to protect the personal information of our constituents. The only exception would be emails with constituents that have already agreed to work collaboratively on a project or event.

Definition of Constituent Information
Our constituents include, but are not limited to, alumni, donors, families, friends, and other benefactors. Constituent information includes, but is not limited to, directory/ contact information, degree information, giving history, background information, financial information, and estate planning information. Records on computers, phones, voicemails, emails, or hard copy files are all considered sensitive information and should be treated as such.

Access to Constituent Information
Employees, volunteers, and independent contractors all have an ethical obligation to respect the privacy of our constituents and to protect and maintain their confidentiality. Such individuals shall not disclose constituent information to any unauthorized individual without prior written consent from the vice president of Institutional Advancement.


Confidentiality of Constituent Information
By completing and submitting of the form linked below, I acknowledge that I have read Denison University’s Volunteer Confidentiality Policy and Agreement. I understand the above statements, and I agree to abide by this policy in my role as a volunteer, employee, or independent contractor for the college. I understand that my failure to comply with the Volunteer Confidentiality Policy and Agreement might result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of my status as a volunteer.

To digitally sign and submit your agreement with the above-stated policies, please link here.