COVID-19 Time Capsule

You’re invited to be part of the project!

In the same way that researchers have been looking back at how the world’s population reacted to and endured pandemics in the past, future generations of scholars will be studying how Denisonians have been responding, coping, connecting, and living day-to-day through the current COVID-19 pandemic. But these future scholars won’t be able to explore these topics unless we record our experiences now.

This is why we need your help. We are creating an archival collection that documents the Denison community’s experiences. If you’ve been keeping a diary or journal, writing essays, taking pictures, making videos, or creating art or science relating to the pandemic, please consider donating these materials to the Denison University Archives. For a couple ideas of things you can submit, check out this submission about BFA student Shruti Shankar ’21 written by Sheila Restack, Chair of Studio Art, or this one by Visiting Assistant Professor Melissa Vogley Woods.

If you haven’t created anything, but would still like to contribute to the project, let us know and we will arrange for you to participate in an oral history type of interview with us. Basically, we want to include in our comprehensive collection anything that conveys and reflects on your experiences with COVID-19.

Please submit your COVID-19 story here to help make Denison’s record of this unique time in our history more complete. We encourage you to view this brief video of University Archivist Sasha Griffin explaining the scope and importance of the project, and we thank you in advance for your participation.