Nancy Eshelman Brickman

Nancy Eshelman Brickman, 1954

B.A., Denison University 1954
M.A., George Williams College 1973
M.S., George Williams College 1980

Philanthropist, Fundraiser, Community Volunteer

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Citation awarded May 2019

A portrait of Nancy Eshelman BrickmanNancy has been described as a compassionate people person, a driving force for things she cared deeply about, and an artistic creator and appreciator. People, places, and organizations with whom she has been involved have been made better by Nancy’s attention and support.

Nancy’s commitment to caring for individuals’ well-being, both personally and emotionally, is reflected in her support of organizations such as the Robert Crown Center in her community of Hinsdale, which is dedicated to positively impact the physical and mental health of youth; her work with her church in teaching Sunday School and participating on church trips; and her volunteering as a trained hospice worker.

While supporting people is at the core of Nancy’s beliefs, she also has a deep appreciation for beauty and nature. She loves flowers and birds and is particularly proud of her lifelong bird list. Nancy and Chuck both have a deep love for the beauty found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Nancy’s interest in preserving Michigan’s natural beauty led her to become a founding board member of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, an organization responsible for preserving the natural beauty of thousands of acres.

While at Denison, Nancy was president of Kappa Alpha Theta, Homecoming Queen and May Queen. After graduation, she served as a Reunion and Campaign volunteer, a member of the President’s Leadership Council, and a speaker for the Women for Denison program. Nancy also was a leader in the redesign and beautification of the interior public spaces of Monomoy Place, the former home of Denison’s presidents.

Throughout their lives, Nancy and her husband, Charles A. Brickman ’54, have been loyal and generous supporters of the college. To celebrate that commitment, the college bestows the Charles and Nancy Brickman Distinguished Leadership Chair upon a member of the faculty who models accomplished teaching, concern for students, and exemplary service to the community. And the Brickman Teaching Excellence Award is a high honor given to a professor who is a master teacher and a model of dedication to students and student learning.

Nancy and Chuck have four children, three of whom have attended Denison, and 11 grandchildren, three of whom also attended Denison.